Coffee from Vietnam

Hand picked - Acid free - Stomach friendly

Direct import from Vietnam

Royal Pacific Coffee GmbH is the number 1 in Switzerland for coffee, cocoa, oolong tea, pepper, fish sauce and specialties from Vietnam! We import these products, without intermediaries, directly from Vietnam and sell them since 2010 in our coffee shop in Winterthur and through this online coffee shop. Our customers are private persons, companies and hotels. We are a registered UTZ coffee dealer (fair trade).

Coffee Shop & Indochine Café Bar

The Coffee Shop of Royal Pacific Coffee GmbH is located at Wartstrasse 3 in Winterthur (directly behind the train station). There you will find a large selection of products from this online coffee shop. In the coffee shop you can pay cash (CHF + Euro), with Postcard, Maestro card, Twint, smartphone and all major credit cards. Also, online orders can be picked up here, so you save the postage fees.

The Indochine Café Bar in the coffee shop offers, in addition to the Royal Coffee in various varieties, many coffee specialties such as; Kopi Luwak, Vietnam Ice Coffee or the Victoria Coffee (with condensed milk). Tea fans will be delighted with the two tea menus with many varieties of tea. Enjoy a cold Saigon Beer or a Vietnam Ice Coffee and imagine you are in Vietnam! In warm weather, our garden café is also open.

Opening hours

Coffee Shop & Indochine Café Bar

1:30-6:30 p.m.
Tuesday to Friday:
09.00-12.00, 13.30-18.30

We are looking forward to your visit.
Management: B. Müller and T.G. Dao.

We speak Swiss German, German, Vietnamese, French and English.

Phone: 052 233 55 00
Bis bald - A bientôt - CU soon - Hẹn gặp lại

Adresse / Kontakt:
Royal Pacific Coffee GmbH
Wartstrasse 3
CH-8400 Winterthur

phone: +41 (0)52 233 55 00

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Öffnungszeiten Laden & Café Bar:
13.30–18.30 Uhr
Dienstag bis Freitag:
09.00–12.00, 13.30–18.30 Uhr
09.30–16.00 Uhr

Zertifizierungen Kaffeehandel:
– Eingetragener UTZ Trader for Coffee
– Rainforest Certified Coffee
– Direktimport Kaffee, Tee, Kakao aus Vietnam

Der Versand ist in der Regel innert 2–3 Tagen.
Alle Bestellungen können in unserem Coffee Shop in Winterthur abgeholt werden.
Wir machen auch Hauslieferungen. Kantone ZH + TG.

– Überweisung auf IBAN: CH18 0900 0000 1556 0373 0
– TWINT auf 079 549 91 99
– PayPal auf
– Kreditkarten (VISA, Mastercard, American Express)
– Postfinance (Card, E-Finance)

AGB / Terms & Conditions / Disclaimer / Refund Policy / Privacy Policy:
Mit einer Bestellung erklären Sie sich mit den AGB und den Widerrufsbestimmungen einverstanden.

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