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Vietnam is a coffee giant and the world's largest Robusta coffee producer. Coffee is very popular with the Vietnamese. No wonder, because Vietnam grows coffee of excellent quality, especially in the central highlands of southern Vietnam. The fertile soil and the ideal climate guarantee excellent premium coffee.

Weasel Coffee – Kopi Luwak – Café Belette – Cà phê cứt chồn... the most exclusiveve coffee in the world

Gourmets will get their money's worth with the highly esteemed Weasel Coffee or Civet Coffee, whose beans are eaten and excreted by a small weasel-like animal (civet cats). Nowadays the highly praised strong and unique taste of weasel coffee is often achieved through the use of special natural enzymes that give the coffee its round aroma. Don't worry, weasels are no longer absolutely necessary, as with Victoria coffee, for example! Don't forget to try our original Weasel Coffee!

The Vietnamese call the Weasel Coffee «Cà phê cứt chồn» and the mongoose «Cầy hương or Chồn hương». Royal Pacific Coffee sells the weasel coffee from Vietnam, as well as the above mentioned Victoria coffee. Special coffees - for special moments!

The strong aroma of Kopi Luwak is achieved by the addition of sweetened condensed milk and individual preparation, which is a popular ritual throughout Vietnam. For this purpose, grated coffee is placed in a special metal filter that sits on a bowl or cup with plenty of sweetened condensed milk. The metal filter is poured with boiling water from where the coffee slowly drips into the bowl. The coffee is then carefully mixed with the condensed milk to produce the incredibly aromatic, chubby and wonderfully sweet «Cà phê sữa sữa»"

Most Vietnamese prefer their «Cà phê sữa sữa» in a large glass with ice cubes and there is hardly a better way to enjoy iced coffee. However, this coffee is not for the faint-hearted, it is for gourmets who are looking for something special. By the way, our Weaselkaffee is free of "happy" animals, which run around like our chickens, and decide for themselves how much they eat or not.

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Alle Bestellungen können in unserem Coffee Shop in Winterthur abgeholt werden.
Wir machen auch Hauslieferungen. Kantone ZH + TG.

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